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Center for Prosperity and Research (CentRep) is a socio-economic growth and development oriented research company focused on contributing to the realization of food secure population in East Africa. The research and development firm is envisioned to provide practical strategic inputs aimed at improving socio-economic status of food insecurity stricken communities. CentRep is purposely established to lead the way to a food secure communities living in less developed parts of East African states through research. CentRep is working on short term as well as long term strategies that have the ability to change the status quo of most communities affected by chronic food insecurity.
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Research for social-economic growth

CentRep is focused on carrying out research aimed at contributing to socio- economic growth with improved food security as the central factor. CentRep is primarily designed to research on how to improve food security status of communities in its operation areas through improved livelihoods. Predominantly, we carry out research on finding out more about un-exploited, under-exploited and potential livelihood opportunities in the local set up and work with like-minded agencies in rolling out the utilization of the research findings by host communities.

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Consultancy Services

CentRep is a consultant firm. We cover a wide range of consultancies. At CentRep we do assessments (needs and impact), evaluations (mid, progress and post) and monitoring (third party). We also do feasibility studies, baseline surveys and developmental (socio-economic growth and development) research. Besides those we are involved in consultancy in food security, food safety and quality, nutrition and public health.

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Our Mission

To actively participate in regional socio-economic development through research aimed at providing feasible and reliable information that can inform the development of local development strategies.

Our Vision

To become a central player in regional (and international) socio-economic development by providing reliable and feasible information that can inform the development of local (and international) development strategies.

Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Cooperation
  • Dedication
  • Honesty
  • Professionalism